1-on-1 Spiritual Guidance

Spiritual guidance is about receiving, allowing, and cultivating relationships with the divine. 

As we come into our own divinity embodied, we come to trust the voices within us which are most aligned with our purpose. I believe we each have inherent wisdom within ourselves and  that guides from a multitude of planes support us in gaining clarity during times of transition.

Allow Goddexx to walk alongside you in these ways:

  • Tarot Readings (Book Now)
  • Reiki Energy Cleansing Session (Book Now)
  • Spiritual Support Package (Book Consultation to see if we are aligned for each other).

-I offer a spiritual support package which reflects the phases for transformation and spiritual framework from their book- Release, Renewal, Retreat, Rebirth. The package is tailored to support you through whichever phase you may be in and through periods of spiritual growth and transition. Allow Goddexx to walk alongside you as you integrate the specific lessons and emotions associated with these phases. Each package lasts a month, and includes:

-Initial consult call (30 min)

-1 session for tarot (1hr)

-1 session for energy cleansing (1hr)

- 2 Spiritual Call Check-ins (Bi-monthly & 1hr for each call)

Once we have had our consultation and the package is purchased you will be directed to the calendar to book your sessions.

*Any of these offerings in these packages can be switched and/or altered to fit the clients specific needs and additional services can be included with altered price. Limited space available for 1:1 Spiritual Support Packages.