I Am Goddexx Statement

I - coming from your sacred divinity  

Am - naming your essence, energy, positionalities, identities 

Goddexx - A nonbinary term for God and Goddess

The words I am are the precursor for casting vibrational spells and reclamation at its essence. 

It is personal. It is political. It is spiritual. 

It is embodiment and ownership of our intrinsic nature, our positionalities, our identities, and our energy. I believe that the words I am sets a spiritual spiral in motion on what is to manifest on our physical plane. We are aligning the current energy of our being to not only the words, but the essence of what we believe them to be. 

What we believe ourselves to be is what we invest our sacred attention towards

What we invest our sacred attention towards is what begins to expand in our consciousness

What we expand in our consciousness is what we become

I am is powerful. I am is intentional.  I am is on purpose. 

It is important to thread bravely and in faith through the fear and uncomfortability which will inevitably arise as we break through the cocoon of our past, rise into our power, and ascend as a Goddexx (God, Goddess). 

Goddexxes have existed since the beginning of time and well before that. Many Indigienous and African cultures and spiritualities had gender-variant, trans, non-binary people in stories as well as in the community as spiritual advisors, widom bearers, healers, and sought-out souls. 

Nature shows examples of divine tranness as well as intersex people in a multitude of forms, one being the blue morpho butterfly which can be found having a variety of different “male” and “female” sexual charateristics. Just like the beautiful blue morpho butterfly, Goddexxes embody their beauty & power after committing to their healing journey and going through a grueling, painful transformation process. 

And this transformation process is not a one time be all event. Transformation is a never ending cycle which occurs from this life to the next and involves our whole beings.

9 pillars of Goddexx Embodiment 

  1. To be a Goddexx is to be divinity embodied and let go of external pressure & perfection
  2. To be a Goddexx is to continuously ascend and evolve into higher states and beyond who we once were at the unique pace which works for ourselves
  3. To be a Goddexx is to commit to our healing and take steps & leaps around learning & honoring our ancestors
  4. To be a Goddexx is to allow our radiance to shine and choose our pleasure 
  5. To be a Goddexx is to be consistent with the words we choose to embody
  6. To be a Goddexx is to own our sexiness as spirits offering to the world
  7. To be a Goddexx is to trust our own source as the birthplace of empowerment
  8. To be a Goddexx is to transmute our pain into power after we have taken the time and space we need to feel it
  9. To be a Goddexx is to accept and surrender to what we are unable to control and lean into the magic of what may emerge from that fertile space