Full-Spectrum Coaching with Goddexx

Full-Spectrum Coaching with Goddexx

~ a fluid as fuck trans, nonbinary brujx casting the seeds of miracles ~
An initiation to embrace and embody the full spectrum of YOU...
Bridging spirituality and sexuality 🐍🌈🐍
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I work one-on-one with humans seeking clarity, connection, and expansion in their gender, sexuality, relationship orientation, ancestry, spirituality, creativity, and purpose-driven work.

My work focuses on transcendence beyond the binary to come into deeper wholeness and fluidity in all personal and spiritual realms.


I hold a nurturing, grounded, intimate space to release outdated patterns and scripts, call in pleasure and joy, connect with personal wisdom, and birth a more embodied version of Self.

I am called to work with people who are moving through pivotal transitions in their intimate lives, particularly in their social and personal identities.

I invite you to courageously step into your authenticity, embrace vulnerability, and rewrite your narrative in an empowering way.

What Happens in Coaching

As a trans nonbinary goddexx, brujx, facilitator, and creative, I help you...

  • Deepen and create intimacy in your relationships to Self, Other, Spirit, and Ancestors.
  • Dissolve binaries that cause separation, clearing space for integration.
  • Name the emotions holding you back and turn them into your greatest allies.
  • Shed stories of the past and integrate shadow emotions + energies.
  • Break karmic and personal patterns that block you from love and trust.
  • Activate parts of yourself that are ready to awaken and open to the world.
  • Develop your intuition and anchor into your authentic voice and truth.
  • Create and activate a powerful ritual to initiate your next evolution.
  • Craft a spiritual practice that aligns with your lineage and fuels your magic.
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The Grounding Foundation

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My One-on-One Coaching Is Rooted In


We first become intimate with the emotions we fear, and then we can create intimacy with ourselves, others, spirits, and ancestors. In all of our sessions, we cultivate safety, security, and compassion, which lays the foundation for new layers of connection you never thought possible.


In a world of oppressive systems, tapping into our intuition — our deepest sense of knowing — is the path to liberation, pleasure, and fulfillment. I help my clients develop your intuitive connection through trauma-informed embodiment practice and spiritually aligned ritual.


We create our most expansive future by imagining it first. I’m a living example of the transformations that are possible for you — around gender identity, sexuality, relationships, sobriety, spirituality, and personal healing. Through my presence and essence, I offer inspiration to help you break free of dynamics that no longer serve you.


  • If you’re ready to discover and embrace the full spectrum of your being…
  • If you desire to deepen your intuitive knowing and spiritual practice…
  • If you seek guidance during a major transition in identity or intimacy…

Let’s have an organic conversation — sit down with your favorite cup of tea, tell me where you are today and where you want to go, and let’s find out if I’m an aligned guide for you.

What’s Included

This 3-Month* One-on-One Mentorship includes...

  • A candle ritual burned on your behalf that I tend and pray to on my altar until completion
  • 8 coaching calls (1 hour, 11 minutes each) 
  • 24-hour access (with a 48-hour response time) via What’sApp
  • Guided meditations, spells, rituals, and exercises to support in integrating our work between sessions
  • A dedicated supporter for all your wins, and a present soul, spirit, and heart for all your struggles

For an Investment of $3333 (payment plans available)

*6, 9, & 12 month plans also available

If you’re ready to begin your journey, complete the inquiry form and we’ll schedule a free connection call.

If you’re truly desiring coaching, but the price is a barrier, please reach out for a 20 min conversation! I am committed to co-creating a way to make this accessible for you whether through a payment plan and/or limited sliding scale.