Group Services

My healing journey has been one that incorporates spiritual practices in a balance of solitude and in connection with others. There have been heavy-grief inducing moments in my life where I have felt like I have not belonged and have felt alienated because of my intersecting identities. During these times, some of the most impactful healing I have done has been while in relationship with others.

Group Ritual gives us an opportunity to witness and be witnessed by others- allowing us to practice radical presence and genuine empathy. 

Goddexx offers group ritual services in the form of:

  • Group Tarot Readings

-Book Goddexx for an intimate yet energizing experience in coming to awareness around the strengths, challenges, and guidance your team members and staff may need for the year ahead. 

- Goddexx also provides smaller group tarot sessions for folx who are usually excluded from many traditional "love" readings such as Polyam & Ethically Non-Monogomous couples, polycules.  They also provide Aromantic Tarot Readings for friends and relationships which romance is not the focus.

Send your inquiry through the contact form.


  • Group Meditations

During the pandemic, Goddexx provided GC2B with a consistent meditation series- with the guided meditation of "I Am." This is a great opportunity for visionary work for your team and clients.

  • Group Healing Spaces

In 2020- La Conextion partnered with Goddexx and created a QTIBIPOC Sobriety space which welcomes sober, sober-curious, and folx in recovery. Now this partnership continues with a non-profit Youthseen and they are able to provide a ritual space every Wednesday at 5pm. 

Goddexx is open to provide group healing spaces around a variety of topics and intersections- Healing Masculinity within trans community, Polyam and intuition, QTBIPOC, and more

  • Altar Prayer Ritual Service

This Altar Prayer service is a vigil space for three main prayers from one New/Full moon cycle to the next. Think of prayer as an intention, a seed being planted and waiting to be manifested. Goddexx will hold & tend to these prayers daily to make sure they grow fruitful. The altar will also be reset with offerings consistently being called both personally & collectively. 



-Vigil space is ignited on Full and New Moons which includes:

-A candle burned on your behalf and placed on my altar until next moon cycle

-Daily prayers and burning of your candle

-Offerings given as requested by the spirits