Group Services

La Espiritista

My healing journey has been one that incorporates spiritual practices in a balance of solitude and in connection with others.

There have been heavy-grief inducing moments in my life where I have felt like I have not belonged and have felt alienated because of my intersecting identities.

During these times, some of the most impactful healing I have done has been while in relationship with others.

Group Ritual gives us an opportunity to witness and be witnessed by others - allowing us to practice radical presence and genuine empathy.

Group Tarot Readings

An intimate yet energizing experience in coming to awareness around the strengths, challenges, & guidance your team members, staff, family, polycule, or other relationship group may need for the year ahead.

Goddexx provides both traditional and non-traditional readings for both professional and personal settings.

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Group Meditations

Goddexx has provided businesses, professionals, and groups with consistent meditation practices, including the guided meditation series of "I Am". This work has proven most essential during the pandemic.

This is a great opportunity for visionary and restorative group work for both professional and personal groups.

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Group Healing Spaces

Creating healing spaces in partnership with services such as La Conextion and Youthseen, Goddexx has and continues to explore a variety of ritual and intersections.

Topics explored include QTBIPOC Sobriety, Healing Rituals for Youth, Healing Masculinity within Trans Community, Polyamory and Intiuition, and much more.

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Altar Prayer Ritual Service

A sacred vigil space for three main prayers, from one New/Full Moon cycle to the next. Goddexx will hold & tend to these prayers daily to make sure they grow fruitful. Personal and collective offerings will also be made.

Vigil begins each Full & New Moon cycle. You must reserve your space before the moon cycle begins.

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