Rebirth: Worthiness

(Repeat after me whether mentally or out loud:)

I am worthy. I am worthy. I am worthy.

Very good. Now repeat it with filling in the rest of the statement below. Sit with it for a moment. Let it flow to you:

I am worthy of ___________________________.

We are worthy of having our basic needs met. We are worthy of slowing down and letting go of urgency.

We are worthy of rest.

For many of us, this may have not been our reality for most of our lives & it may still not be the reality right now. Regardless, we are still worthy of it. We are still worthy of planting the seeds and dreaming it into existence. We would not have come into our divine existence if our ancestors didn’t plant seeds for our welcoming centuries, eons ago. It is important that we do the same and nurture the soil with the new seeds we are planting, even if we may not see the abundance of crops just yet.

As multiply marginalized people, we have been fed messages of unworthiness in every facet of life. We have been born with an energetic imprint of this belief which may cause us to numb our brilliance with our addictions, dependencies, and other behaviors which may not serve us. These addictions may have served us in the past and we know deep down that it keeps us from accessing our highest potential. Let me be clear, it won’t be easy. Once we stop giving in and decreasing our vices it may get harder. We are literally destroying a legacy of toxicity passed down from the systems of white supremacy, & yet to truly heal- we need to acknowledge it all. We must find ways which resonate in cleansing our spirits from this deep-seeded lie.

Coming into our worthiness is not only a personal issue. Coming into our worthiness is not only a personal issue. However, it does require us to personally look at the ways we have unconsciously been devaluing our worth & not allowing abundance to flow in. It requires us to be mindful of the ways systems are projecting messages of unworthiness onto our beings & how we have been settling. It requires us to be willing to take risks, a trait many of us who are QTBIPOC are not unfamiliar with, into unknown territory. As we embrace worthiness, we are literally shifting the paradigm. We are recreating a new foundation for those who will continue walking after we have transitioned on to the next world. Embodying opportunities and making way for ones which have been dying to exist.

May I proclaim myself holy. May I shed layers of unwanted projections from my sphere & embrace the protection of my sacred divinity. May I choose quality over quantity and remember I am worthy of taking my time. May I speak my worth with the way I move with my time & energy. May I set this example for others as well as future generations waiting to come into existence.