Renewal: Faith

The secret is in the transmutation of fear to faith.

All we have is this present moment. The actions and decisions we choose for ourselves now will inevitably affect our future, similarly to how our actions and decisions from the past affect our present circumstances. Karma which is energy we create from what we choose is always present. What do we wish to create? How do we wish to live? Who do we desire to be in our inner circle? And our wider community? What steps must we take to begin? What do we want ultimately for our life and how do we envision it?

There are so many questions and to begin we must go within ourselves to seek what this all means to us, extend ourselves to the causes we ultimately believe in, in the ways that work for us, and choose to be in our experience. The outcome, or rather how spirit chooses for it to appear for us is not in our control. This is why we must remain open, while maintaining our protection and integrity.

We do not know. We do not know. We do not know. There is great wisdom and potential in accepting our limitations. This allows spirit to step in and take the reigns where we simply are unable to. There are many times in our journey of recovery where we simply don’t know. We may know what we are striving for, but we don’t know how it will show up. It can be frustrating to have so much vision, so much hope, and still not know. As people who are pushed into the margins, we know what it is like to not know and be in fear all too well. We know what it is like to not be in control and to feel power- lessness. However, sometimes when we reach certain peaks in our recovery, we are asked by spirit to free- fall. To trust in them and the Goddexx within us. When we have done all we can do within our capacities, have become clear and specific, and yet still do not know, spirit is asking to remain in faith.

Faith can be super triggering for our QT’s and BIPOC communities because it has failed us in a system- ic, institutionalized, spiritual, and personal levels. We have been traumatized in who to believe in and quite simply that doesn’t work for us anymore. It is time for us to heal individually & collectively. It is time for us to reconnect with the faith we have inherited from our ancestors with unconditional love support for our world. It is time for us to reclaim our faith small, yet, powerful ways by beginning to choose where we invest our trust, our confidence, and our belief.

Like a small seed, this investment will grow into a foundational nurturing tree the more we tend to it in our own way. We can choose how much faith we place into any specific branches aka area of our lives- We can choose which deities we place our faith on- sometimes this means none at all as well. It is about what works for us- the secret is in surrendering once we have cultivated our intention and place our attention to that which truly honors our sacredness.

May I place my faith into the spirits & ancestors who are evolved enough to support me. May I be discerning of where I place my trust and confidence during uncertain times which trigger my anxieties of the unknown. May I acknowledge the fear which will inevitably arise, thank it for its wisdom, and then choose to focus my attention on where I have invested my faith for this is my source of power.